Liberal Democrats, our committment to you and our community.

“Since I was first elected almost fourteen years ago, I am proud of what we have achieved in the ward and in the Town Hall. The Lib Dems pride
themselves in being transparent, approachable and principled as elected members.”

"Most people contact us via email, phone or social media but we still hold monthly surgeries on the first Saturday of every month 11am-12pm at
Butterworth Hall Community Centre- No appoitment is necessary. As well as reactive casework, we can support community groups with
Pennines funding for events, equipment and projects."

"Over the past 10 years, the Liberal Democrats have helped bring in tens of thousands of pounds from external funding sources to support projects
such as the Skate Park, Milnrow Band, The Parish Church War memorial and Ellenroad Steam Museum. Contact us below to find out more and
see if we can help your group” 

Councillor Andy Kelly

Councillor Andy Kelly
Liberal Democrats, our commitment to your and our community. LIB DEMS- OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU AND OUR COMMUNITY

Casework Roundup

Liberal Democrats take action.

It has been an incredibly busy for casework in Milnrow & Newhey with casework coming in almost every day.
“This is the bread and butter of what we do as Councillors. “said Cllr Andy Kelly. “Obviously, some things take longer to fix than others, but
we are committed to making Newhey & Milnrow a cleaner, safer and more prosperous place to live.”

This quarter casework has included

  • Upgrading drain maintenance on Kiln lane.
  • Getting Cornfield St drains repaired to stop flooding.
  • Moving untaxed cars parked on the highway.
  • Using the clean and green team to cut back overgrown bushes.
  • Replacing street signs.
  • Tackling IX wireless masts.
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour at the health centre.
  • Campaigning for action on Dale Mill.
  • Overturning incorrect car parking charges.
  • Supporting community events at Ellenroad Museum, Milnrow Pink Hey and Milnrow Carnival.

If you have any problems or issues you would like to draw to our attention then email Andy Kelly using the button below.

If you can help Councillor Andy Kelly and the local Liberal Democrats, or you would like to join the party or make a donation to help us continue campaigning, then please click on the buttons below.