Lib Dem candidate Iain Donaldson launches Rochdale by-election campaign.

Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate Iain Donaldson has today launched his campaign in Rochdale, promising to hold this disastrous Conservative government to account for their failings on the NHS, the cost of living crisis, and water companies polluting the rivers with filthy sewage.

Iain will look to build on the positive momentum that the Lib Dems have built in the area after local leader Cllr Andy Kelly has campaigned on the Israel- Gaza conflict, protecting pollution and protecting our natural environment, and declaring a Climate Emergency in the Borough.

Iain is set to campaign on the Conservative Party's failings on local health services and the cost of living crisis. He’ll also campaign to protect Rochdale’s rivers from sewage dumping. In opposition to Labour, the Liberal Democrats will also call for Proportional Representation and an immediate bilateral ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict throughout the campaign.

Iain is a retired administrator at the University of Manchester and experienced in local government after being a councillor for 19 years. He has received the endorsement of Paul Rowen, the former Lib Dem MP for Rochdale between 2005 and 2010, who has said Iain would be a “fresh start” for Rochdale.

Iain Donaldson in Milnrow
Iain Donaldson has been selected by the Liberal Democrats as their candidate in the Rochdale By-election.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Rochdale, Iain Donaldson said:

“The people of Rochdale have been hammered by the double whammy of a cost of living crisis and an NHS on its knees. This disastrous Conservative government has utterly failed our area and they need to be held to account.

“Locally, Labour have also taken people for granted because they just don’t listen. I'll be a strong voice for Rochdale, listening to local people and getting real action for them.

“It is vital that the people of Rochdale are represented with a voice that will take our community's issues right to the heart of Parliament and force Ministers to address their concerns. That is what my campaign will be focussed on as I fight for every vote.”

Former Liberal Democrat MP for Rochdale (2005-10), Paul Rowen said:

“I’m delighted that Iain, an experienced local campaigner, has been chosen as the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Rochdale. After years of a failed Conservative government Rochdale needs a fresh start. Iain with his energy and experience will give us that.”

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